7. 5. 2017


This Icelandic town with 2 600 inhabitants is a prototype of a fishing town. Ísafjörður is a town pretty much isolated from the rest of the Iceland as it lies at the top of West fjords, which makes it really hard to reach. You can either drive along 7 fjords, which is absolutely spectacular. Or you can fly with one of those tiny airplanes from Reykjavík, but because the town is right next to the ocean it happens quite a lot that the wind is so strong that the airplane cannot land.

Icelanders say that it takes 5-6 hours to get here from Reykjavík, but I honestly don’t know how crazy they drive to be so fast. It took us so much longer. We might have been enjoying the unusual views, but still driving through 7 fjords is driving through 7 fjords.

When we walked around the town, I was constantly taking pictures, so I’ve decided to dedicate one blogpost only to Ísafjörður’s buildings. Here ya go! Would you live in one of these?

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