28. 5. 2017



OMG. Life changer ever since I started bringing them with me on adventures. I am a good sleeper, but I need to be alone in my comfortable bed. And that is (most likely) not the case of hostels. Ear plugs help me physically and (mainly) psychologically. 


It’s starting to happen more and more often that hostels want you to pay for bedsheets and towels. What the actual fuck? Why don’t you include it in the price? I don’t get it. Am I supposed to bring my own sheets?! So at least I can save few Euros on the towel. I have been traveling with this one for so long now and it’s honestly the most practical thing ever for travelling. It is tiny when you fold it, but it  covers the whole body. Win-win!


Yep. You never know. Some hostels can be scatchy and you don’t want to leave your belongings in the room just like that. In most of the hostels you can use assigned locker, but they are usually not with pad locks, which you either need to borrow for money or just bring your own one. Easy as that. 
(By the time this is published, I lost mine pad lock, so I need to go get one soon!)


Now you may be asking, why tote bag? One - they are uber cool, two - they are practical for everyday use and therefore also practical for staying at hostel. Now, let me explain you why you should own a tote bag. Imagine, 12 people sleeping in the same room. You the one who wakes up early/goes to bed late and you want to take a shower/brush your teeth or maybe just change your clothes. And that is the time when tote bag comes in handy. You stuff it all in go do your thing. Imagine walking down the hall to showers and your undies fall down or your toothbrush - unhygienic and for some of us a cause to turn red like potato. Say yes to a tote bag! 


I have had some great and awful hostel experiences, but one thing is for sure. Be prepared for anything. You can meet great people, have an awesome free breakfast or you can sleep in the room with two British guys, who go partying every night (they were actually really nice and funny when we started talking and were apologising for being noisy when coming back from the club) or you can sit opposite to this way too friendly guy, who is sort of hitting on you, but you are not interested. But I also found great friends (hey, Manja!) while staying in a hostel. 

So be prepared. Say “hi” when you enter the room for the first time, give everyone a smile and engage in a conversation if you feel like it. Later on, you can decide whether you want to have something in common with them or be rather just hanging there on your own. 


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