10. 6. 2017


Today, I am sad. And I have been sad for few days now. I know where the problem is and what is causing it, but I also blame hormones. It is crazy how much we can be influenced by what someone says, does or acts. And that is exactly what I’m dealing with right know. I am trying to understand, but I don’t understand. I am trying to be cool about it, but my head will soon explode. So that’s why I’m writing this. I need to write down my sadness, so I can relief my brain and be happy again. 

As a women, I tend to think a lot. You know, it is what we do. By overthinking things, I tend to make assumptions. I tend to “rewatch” my actions and words from certain situations in order to analyse it more and more. And that is where I just simply bump into the wall. We all tend to make assumptions, it is natural, but sometimes those assumptions can go through the roof and we act like crazy. And I refuse to make myself look like a fool (I am natural weirdo, so I don’t mind when I look like a fool in a funny/embarrassing situations, but this is not one of those moments). So what I am trying to say is respect others, their own time and plans and don’t make them feel like idiots. Be straightforward and honest, because even though your words can hurt, it is for your and their own best to just “say it”. Oh gosh, this has gotten out of my hands. 

Last night, I told myself that I will wake up and I won’t be sad anymore, I will be happy and not thinking about “this thing” any longer. But here I am. Sitting in my bed, watching Ted talk with a title “It’s not you, it’s my hormones Testosterone Influences” and thinking how amazing and crazy our bodies are. I mean hormones! Good god! Womens and hormones can be a very danger combination, but that's the beauty of life.

So the question is…do I feel better now? A little bit, but I still want to hug someone and talk my feelings out of my head. 

28. 5. 2017



OMG. Life changer ever since I started bringing them with me on adventures. I am a good sleeper, but I need to be alone in my comfortable bed. And that is (most likely) not the case of hostels. Ear plugs help me physically and (mainly) psychologically. 


It’s starting to happen more and more often that hostels want you to pay for bedsheets and towels. What the actual fuck? Why don’t you include it in the price? I don’t get it. Am I supposed to bring my own sheets?! So at least I can save few Euros on the towel. I have been traveling with this one for so long now and it’s honestly the most practical thing ever for travelling. It is tiny when you fold it, but it  covers the whole body. Win-win!


Yep. You never know. Some hostels can be scatchy and you don’t want to leave your belongings in the room just like that. In most of the hostels you can use assigned locker, but they are usually not with pad locks, which you either need to borrow for money or just bring your own one. Easy as that. 
(By the time this is published, I lost mine pad lock, so I need to go get one soon!)


Now you may be asking, why tote bag? One - they are uber cool, two - they are practical for everyday use and therefore also practical for staying at hostel. Now, let me explain you why you should own a tote bag. Imagine, 12 people sleeping in the same room. You the one who wakes up early/goes to bed late and you want to take a shower/brush your teeth or maybe just change your clothes. And that is the time when tote bag comes in handy. You stuff it all in go do your thing. Imagine walking down the hall to showers and your undies fall down or your toothbrush - unhygienic and for some of us a cause to turn red like potato. Say yes to a tote bag! 


I have had some great and awful hostel experiences, but one thing is for sure. Be prepared for anything. You can meet great people, have an awesome free breakfast or you can sleep in the room with two British guys, who go partying every night (they were actually really nice and funny when we started talking and were apologising for being noisy when coming back from the club) or you can sit opposite to this way too friendly guy, who is sort of hitting on you, but you are not interested. But I also found great friends (hey, Manja!) while staying in a hostel. 

So be prepared. Say “hi” when you enter the room for the first time, give everyone a smile and engage in a conversation if you feel like it. Later on, you can decide whether you want to have something in common with them or be rather just hanging there on your own. 


7. 5. 2017


This Icelandic town with 2 600 inhabitants is a prototype of a fishing town. Ísafjörður is a town pretty much isolated from the rest of the Iceland as it lies at the top of West fjords, which makes it really hard to reach. You can either drive along 7 fjords, which is absolutely spectacular. Or you can fly with one of those tiny airplanes from Reykjavík, but because the town is right next to the ocean it happens quite a lot that the wind is so strong that the airplane cannot land.

Icelanders say that it takes 5-6 hours to get here from Reykjavík, but I honestly don’t know how crazy they drive to be so fast. It took us so much longer. We might have been enjoying the unusual views, but still driving through 7 fjords is driving through 7 fjords.

When we walked around the town, I was constantly taking pictures, so I’ve decided to dedicate one blogpost only to Ísafjörður’s buildings. Here ya go! Would you live in one of these?


Land of nothing and everything. It is exceptional how they could turn this “nothing” into everything. Ever since than the Icelanders live from tourism. Any time of the year is special in Iceland. Iceland totally took my breath away last summer (that much that I wrote only one blogpost about it, hah), so when my mom came with the idea to go again I was ALL IN! 

This time we were headed to the West fjords. And let me tell you what a remote place it is. When driving there, you get to see only few more other cars and few fishing towns. I felt lonely. Even I did. I cannot imagine how living there 24/7/365 days of the year can be like. Only Icelanders can survive. 

It is still not so discovered part of Iceland by tourists, because of the uneasy availability. And yet locals are proud that the nature of this corner of Iceland is so remote and untouched by humans. I can absolutely understand that. We humans are destroying the nature without even realising it. That’s what I like about Iceland, they try to preserve the nature as much as they can. Not too many roads. Not too many touristic centres. Using mainly renewable energy. Being in general very chilled and not stressing about things. Oh and spending a lot of time in natural hot tubs! 

The reason why we visited the West fjords was for this 68 years old long distance cross country ski race called Fossavatnsgangan (omg the description still not getting any shorter). We skied in this beautiful area right above the fjord on a huge snow field between mountains. Let me tell you that that was something totally different than anything I have ever experienced in a continental Europe. We were so lucky to have beautiful weather for the main race, so we got to enjoy the race even more. At one point I almost started to cry by how beautiful the race was. I am not kidding. I almost started crying in the middle of the race. WHAT?! Anyway, great time in Iceland we had. 

Oh and have I told you we got a free car upgrade when the guy at the counter saw that we have skis with us? Good times. And the sun didn’t go down until 9:30pm and that was only end of April. 

Thank you Iceland for being so Icelandic.

In advance I am sorry about the amount of pictures. I can not post just 5 pictures when it comes to such a different country like Iceland.  And one more thing, a lot of the pictures were taken as we drove to our destination (about 8h drive), so that is why it is such a big part of this Iceland gallery. Driving around Iceland is a great way to see more of the scenery. No regrets!